Typo3 CMS - enterprise content management system

Programming. Website with Typo3

On the basis of the content management system Typo3 we develop internet portals and websites.

Within the scope of Typo3 developments we offer individually layouted design templates by usability guidelines for content management systems and the programming of extensions for Typo3.

 Typo3 - performances:

  • User management and legal management
  • File management and media management
  • Workflow
  • Dynamic menu generation
  • Image editing "on the fly"
  • Side management in a hierarchical tree structure
  • Management of several websites in one installation
  • Modular expandability
  • Quick side construction by caching
  • Frontend editing - intuitive editing of the content directly in the lateral view
  • Full text search in sides and files (e.g., PDF)
  • Management of multilingual web sites

What is a Content Management System (CMS)

A Content management system is a software system which supports the construction and administering of websites and can use all publication formats relevant for the Internet.

Separation of content, structure and design!

The division of three basic elements of every website brings determining advantages during the life cycle of a website - and, even in addition.

First the design is constructed, extended or relauncht, without afterwards the content is extracted and once more must be inserted - design and content come to an arrangement by itself.

An easy Content production, no program knowledge necessary.

In the graphic user interface (or the alternative Frontend-Editing function) authors can write texts, insert pictures and multimedia dates, steer contents timewise etc., and thus build up and maintain a dynamic website.