Based on the software Plano3D the product specific tool was developed originated for the planning, layingcalculation, representation and construction of electric underfloor heating. The FloorHeatingPlanner is used worldwide and is offered in many national languages (e.g., Cyrillic, Chinese, all Scandinavian languages, in Polish, in Czech).

Different types of products - heating mats, cables, molded parts - must be laid in a room constructed over the CAD module so that inter alia the specified heat value is reached. In this case are all the product-specific laying conditions taken into consideration and it is performed, the optimal laying.

About the 3D-module the result of the transfer with the desired upper layer - tiles, parquet, laminate - and the elective subsoil - screed, glue, etc. - is shown.

The laying plan, the material list and the layout representation produce the connection with the customer / craftsman and provide at the same time the basis for the offer.