Plano 3D - the laying planner

The basis of the development is the Plano3D planning software for the floor laying, calculation and presentation of wood, laminate, flagstones, carpet, linoleum, etc...

On the basis of Plano3D Montana3D was developed exclusively for the OBI product group Montana as a laying planner. It owns a diminished functional extent in contrast to Plano3D. Detailed information see Plano3D.


the software for the modern do-it-yourself professional and parquet publisher. About a CAD module, intuitively to be served, the room is constructed and the surfaces to be embedded are determined.

The product database delivers the desired product in his dimensions, packaging dimensions, paints and species of wood.

The laying module allowed the choice of the most different layings and embedded the product in the chosen surface. About the 3D-module the result of the transfer is indicated in the room. The room can be moved in every position.

Construction (CAD)

With the CAD module the room is constructed, with doors, windows and in case inevitably to cuttings (columns, chimney, etc.). The construction of the rooms follows with the mouse and a "running along" ruler which shows the exact length of the signed wall. The corner construction also follows about the mouse and can follow during the subscription of the walls through light moving of the mouse to the left or on the right (the protractors it is indicated).

Within a surface cuttings can be signed which should not be embedded or should be embedded with other products or another kind of laying.

Product and kind of laying selection

The choice of the products follows over the user window which heads for the product database and delivers the desired product in his dimensions, packaging dimensions, paints and species of wood. The zoom function allows the view of the kind of the wood material in a realistic presentation (high resolution).

The price delivered to every product can be adapted individually by the user to the real conditions (special prices) and is used for the other calculation.

The kind of laying dialogue follows about the representation of kinds of laying.


Within the laying the chosen product is positioned in the surface to be moved. The user is supported by a catch function which straightens the product precisely on the walls. By switching off the catch function a free positioning of the product in the surface is possible which can be determined by the dimensioning and a precisely corner adjustment of the product.

In the 2D-representation the laying output is shown colourfully. The blend is recognizable by his coloured mark immediately. The user can decide on the blend optimisation whether the blend with in the transfer is recorded (rest piece processing).

3-D view of the laying

The 3D-module shows the result of the laying in the room. The constructed room can be moved for the presentation in every position, be turned and be zoomed.